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Everything You Should Know about Good To Go Car Insurance

With its tagline “get you behind the wheel for less upfront”. Good To Go car insurance is an insurance comparison engine which is claimed to specialize in minimum and inexpensive coverage car insurance. But you can also purchase collision and comprehensive coverage if you’d like. In order to get a quote through Good To Go insurance, you have to start by entering your car information such as model, make, primary use, ownership, annual mileage, zip code and primary driver information (name, DOB, marital status, etc.).

After you completed the quote by indicating your desired coverage level, street address, additional vehicle and driver info, current insurance carrier, violations/accidents, and more then you already registered to the insurance. But if you like to leave the site and retrieve the quote later, you can access the site again by online entering your last name, zip code, and quote number.

Good To Go car insurance have a mission which is get people’s cars insured for as little as possible. This is also called as liability coverage. It is the cheapest legal form of car protection that available in any insurance company including Good To Go insurance.

This insurance means that if you hot someone else’s car then your insurance company will pays to fix that car but your car doesn’t get fixed. Not only pays but the company also offer quotes for comprehensive and collision insurance. Since the company is very millennial-oriented, you can take care of all the paperwork online easily.

Not to mention that Good To Go will also help you to get instant coverage when you need insurance as soon as possible. Basically, you can get quotes that are simple, fast, and also cheap with Good To Go.

Good To Go car insurance takes into account discounts such as:

  1. Discounts for defensive driving course
  2. Multi-car discount
  3. Discounts for driver’s education
  4. Discounts for good students
  5. Discounts for home ownership
  6. Discounts for paid in full
  7. Discounts for in-car safety equipment
  8. Discounts for prior insurance. This discount will get you a discount of up to 60% if you have an existing insurance policy. Good To Go gives you this since you appear to be less of a liability if you have some sort of track record.)
  9. Discounts for cell phone safety discounts. You can save 5% off it if you install a text blocking device in your car such as Cellcontrol, Quiet Zone Drive, Origo, or TextBuster.
  10. Discounts for anti-theft device if you want comprehensive coverage

If you are a high-risk driver, Good To Go car insurance still very eager to find you a quite from all the major insurers.

As we said earlier, the insurer is geared towards people who don’t have money to get them insurance such as teen drivers, old drivers, newly licensed drivers, people who live in bad neighborhoods, people who have no prior insurance history,people who have no prior insurance history, Good To Go car insurance will still give you a quote.



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