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The Benefits of Choosing Amica Car Insurance

Amica car insurance is an insurance from Amica Mutual Insurance Co. the name may not have the national name recognition among insurance industry unlike the giant insurance company do. But the insurance that based in the Rhode Island can stand up well against the big name on price and customer service. Besides car insurance, Amica also offers life, home, boat, and umbrella liability insurance.

The insurer partners with other companies to offer small business insurance. The insurance comes along with coverage for weddings and some special events. Rather than through an agent network, Amica Insurance sells product to consumers directly.

What Amica Insurance Has to Offer

Amica founded in 1907 make them one of the oldest mutual auto insurances company in the USA. A mutual company is a company that doesn’t have stockholders or investors. So they share financial surpluses with policyholders.

The company offers the standard menu of auto insurance coverage that we can always find in every auto insurance such as collision, liability, medical payments or personal injury protection, comprehensive, and underinsured or uninsured motorist. A variety of perks that offered by Amica car insurance are available at extra cost, including:

  1. Full glass coverage which you pay no deductible for glass repairs.
  2. Identity fraud monitoring which a service that provide 24/7 monitoring at the three major credit bureaus and you have access to a fraud specialist if your identity is stolen.
  3. Accident forgiveness is an offer where you will earn points for good driving, time with the company or adding some policies. And then you can use the points to eliminate or pay down waive or deductible a price increase if you are in an accident.
  4. Extra-generous rental coverage that will get you up to $5,000 toward the rental of a similar car if your car is in an accident or stolen.

Amica car insurance also offers many discounts you can expect such as

  1. Insuring for more than one car
  2. Safe driving
  3. Buying both car and home insurance from the company
  4. Getting bills and policy information electronically
  5. Students with good grades
  6. College students who go to school from home without a car with the distance is more than 100
  7. Safety features such as electronic stability control and air bags.

Amica car insurance works with a network of more than 1,000 certified repair shops and everything is up to you, you are able to buy anything you want. NerdWallet, a state-by-state car insurance rates study, report that Amica Mutual offered some of the best car insurance in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.

The car insurance is quite cheap compared to other insurers with the largest market shares in these states. Amica is the insurer which doesn’t include in the comparison in states since it has a quite small market share.

The advantages of Amica car insurance

  1. They offer the best insurance in states where the company is a big player
  2. They offer bonuses on certain car, home, marine and umbrella insurance policies
  3. They win acclaim for car and home insurance customer satisfaction


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